I would love to help you fit together the pieces of your family tree, add extra strength to breaking a brick wall, or directing you on where to go next in your own research.

Research Service:

My detailed research reports include research findings, analysis of relevant sources, further research recommendations, copies of related documents, and a research log.

Cost: $30 per hour, 4 hour minimum.

Coaching Service:

If you’d prefer that I teach you “how to fish,” I offer in-person coaching in the Sacramento area or virtual coaching through a screen-sharing service if you prefer that or live farther away.

Cost: $25 per hour, one hour minimum

To begin your free consultation for the research service or the coaching service, email me at sarahcliftnotes {@} with your research question or goal, the names of the ancestors you want to research, and background information including dates and places of the ancestors’ births, marriages, deaths and other related dates.